Benefactors Needed

Have you heard about the organization called TACA? It is a resource for adults and parents of children on the autism spectrum focusing on alternative therapies that aren’t covered at the doctors office. And when I say it’s not covered, I mean insurance won’t touch it, and doctors won’t bring it up. TACA stands for Talk About Curing Autism. I want to emphasize the first word, Talk. Having an open conversation on all the new research and approaches that are benefitting people on the spectrum is exactly what we should be doing.

I have just been awarded a scholarship (tuition only) to attend the conference in October, all the way in California! For those of you who don’t know, we are a one income family in NC expecting our fifth child in early December. So there’s no way I can afford to go. However, the information that will be supplied at the conference has moved me to fight for this opportunity. I am reaching out to anyone who feels touched to donate to help send me there so that I may return the favor by spreading such important knowledge to others who are in need of it.

I won’t do a gofundme so donations aren’t wasted and will return everything if I can’t get enough to go. Thank you to all my supporters.


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